Put your information to work for you

Documents, data, information…it is all valuable. But how do you use them to advantage? How can they help make your company or organization even more efficient and customer-oriented? Rflow has the answer.

Our people are our greatest asset. Why, then, would we make them perform repetitive, non-challenging (administrative) tasks manually? Rflow is ideally suited to take over specific tasks. We accomplish this through integration with various other types of systems.

For example, this could mean starting an authorization workflow after scanning an invoice for expenses. Or sending an automatically generated email to confirm an order. The possibilities are endless. We can combine Rflow with various other tools or applications from within your landscape. Rflow can also function as an API, and we do of course support web-based services too.

In a nutshell:

  • Integration of document flows (API/Webservice)
  • Collaboration & Versioning
  • Dynamic interface for specific applications
  • Creation of your own dynamic workflows