We are being overwhelmed by enormous amounts of data and documents. Have you heard of a zettabyte yet? A gigabyte stands for a 1 with 9 zeros worth of bytes, while a zettabyte stands for a 1 with 21 zeros. It is estimated that by 2025, we will collectively be producing 180 zettabytes per year. As to whether things actually move that fast within your own company or organization depends on many factors. Even so, it is still worth preparing for an explosive increase in the volume and complexity of the data and documents you will need to manage. The upside is that this amount of data also offers unprecedented opportunities.

It is not just the volume of data and documents that is increasing every year. The variety is also higher than ever before, and growing. > More

You have a wealth of data and documents in your possession. This is essential information in the right hands, but dangerous in the wrong ones. You also need to take ever-stricter legislation into account.> More

You want information that is easily accessible to authorized individuals, departments and organizations. That could be on the initiative of the acquiring party or due to your own proactive stance. Sharing is Caring.> More

Processes within your organization are closely intertwined with the flows of information and communication.  The challenge is to ensure that the efficiency of these processes is optimized, and that your focus is on the customer.> More